The Yoga Haven


The Yoga Haven offers you the chance to come to class and commit to looking after yourself better both mentally and physically. It is about complimenting the life you already lead, bringing an enhanced feeling of health, strength and peace to your daily routine. No matter what physical condition you are in, yoga can be a shining light to take you forward in life, so that you can develop naturally and deepen your relationship with everything around you.

Just like life, you get out of yoga exactly what you put in.

New Studio coming SOON........

Free Trial classes available. Just call to book your space on: 079 6131 3968

<ul><li>9:15 all levels</li>
<li>10:15 beginners</li></ul>
<ul><li>9:15 all levels</li>
<li>10:15 all levels</li>
<li>11:15 beginners</li></ul>
<ul><li>9:15 all levels</li>
<li>10:15 all levels</li></ul>

Classes are booked in advance in half term blocks, any missed classes can be made up in another class during that course.


Contact: Majella Crompton

Phone: 079 6131 3968

Email: | The Yoga Haven
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